Where I Stand

Preservation as Economic Development
There are hundreds of suburban communities throughout the US with whom we compete for jobs, businesses and people, but they don't all have what we have. We need to recognize that preservation is an economic development tool. It's what marketers would call our unique selling proposition.....


There are many ways to define culture but I'm talking about that undercurrent that flows through a community. What is Noblesville's culture? What values do we hold dear? Here's what I think they ought to be.


The scale and walkability of our cities and towns make a big difference in our quality of life and we're demanding more walkable cities, Fortunately our city center has many of those walkable qualities because it was built before we started building cities around cars. Let's take advantage of our head start.

It's All About the Connections
Yes, we've made progress on trails. but here's the problem. Most of those trails are built for recreation. They're great if you have a few hours and are looking for some exercise. But they fail miserably if you want to ride your bike down to the store for a gallon of milk.

The Noblesville Trailway
People want alternative transportation and cities that fail to recognize that will fall behind. Let's lead the effort on this and become Hamilton County's more walkable and bike-able city.

What's Wrong with Federal Hill Park #1

If we're going to develop the west side of the river as an extension of downtown, let's design it so it looks and works like downtown. Let's ditch the suburban model and embrace the values that made our downtown what it is...

What's Wrong with Federal Hill Park #2
This is really a marketing problem. There's little vision behind this project and it shows. The council wants to know how the park is going to spur economic development. So do I.

It's Time


"Nothing is more powerful than idea whose time has come."   -Victor Hugo

I am one of a significant group of concerned local citizens who think its time for a change in Noblesville City Hall. Although each of us has our own priorities for our city and we could each find plenty of shortcomings over the past decade, the common theme is that any political body gains from an occasional housecleaning and the time for that housecleaning has come.

 But I don't expect you vote for me simply because the current administration has worn out its welcome. I genuinely believe I can bring a new level of leadership and energy to Noblesville City Hall. It's all about what we choose to focus on and I offer you a look at my priorities below. I am certain that my ideas, and those of people I have listened to over the years, will have a positive impact on the quality of our lives and, more significantly, the lives of our children and future generations.

In the interests of running a positive campaign I have tried to keep my criticisms civil and focused on solutions. If I complain about a current policy I will always offer a better solution.  Please review the writings below, and if you think they have merit, please vote for me in May. Each one is only about a page long and the excerpts on the left give you an idea of what's inside. The pdf will open in a new window so

you won't leave the site,

Come back often because I will be adding to this list as the campaign progresses and I learn more about the issues that concern you.  And, please, tell your friends and acqaintances to visit us as well. This is a grassroots effort.  We all have to spread the word if we are going to prevail.