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This is a grass-roots campaign running against a well-financed incumbent. We run lean but need funds to finance mailings, signs and other media. 

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Ever get that feeling? It’s like you’ve been driving the same car for more than ten years now. You liked it when you bought it…and you still like it. It’s comfortable, predictable, reliable. But it’s showing its age…leaking a little oil, showing a little wear in the upholstery, a little fade in the paint. It’s still a good car, but it’s time for a change.

The average car is on the road for about 11 years these days. Coincidentally, that’s about the same amount of time the current administration has been in office. And like that old car, it's showing signs of wear.

It’s time for new ideas, new energy, a new direction. Please take a few minutes to review this website. Here I’ve summarized my plan to move Noblesville forward. I don’t expect to change the world, just our little corner of it. I hope you will join me.

Time for

New Leadership

Plan for the Future

Yesterday’s solutions won’t work for tomorrow’s population. We have to start thinking forward and planning to meet the needs of millennials and beyond. We must have a clear vision of what our city is to look like in 10 years, 25 years and 50 years. Peoples’ priorities are changing and the city needs to change with them. We must get about the task of building places where our residents can live, work, and play within their own neighborhoods. We need to build better connections between these places and make them accessible to all generations and demographics.

Respect the Past

Noblesville grew as a population center for Hamilton County. Over the past decade the spotlight has shifted as other communities have shown more initiative and grown faster. We need to recognize what works and recommit to it: walkable, vibrant neighborhoods connected to each other, to businesses and to public facilities; a strong central shopping district with a mix of uses; zoning that promotes building on a human scale; a thriving industrial/manufacturing base. These are time-tested values.

Live within Our Means

For the first time in years, we are running the city on a deficit budget. In 2015 we plan to spend more than we bring in. That may work for a year or two as we dip into our savings, but it’s not a sustainable plan. Things are different than they were twelve years ago. The recession created a new reality and reset many expectations. Tax caps are forcing cities to figure out what’s most important. A culture that embraces the priorities of the early 2000’s won’t work in the 2010’s. It’s time for a fresh start, a new set of priorities and a new commitment to living within our means.

Think Differently

Sometimes you don’t realize the rut you’re in until someone comes up with a better idea. But new ideas are hard to find when you’ve been doing things the same way for more than ten years. All organizations benefit from an occasional breath of fresh air and its time for new ideas in Noblesville City Hall. Political office shouldn’t be a career. You should serve your term, leave things better off than you found them and step aside. Nearly half the people who live in Noblesville have known only one mayor. It’s time for new leadership. I promise that Noblesville will be noticeably better in four years under my leadership than it would be otherwise. I’m eager to get to work.

My Priorities

The Word Out

What's on Your Mind?

This campaign is all about breathing new life into City Hall.  If you have an idea, a gripe or just a comment, I'd like to hear it.

​Thanks for  sharing your opinions!

Mike Corbett

For Mayor

of Noblesville